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You want your business outshine tons of brands out there, right! But what ensures you that your brand has all the right moves to receive even the slightest attention in the digital crowd? Our years of research and analysis says that most businesses in the rush of monetizing their brands don’t focus on personalized experience and end up being monotonous. This is where Appcrunk steps in to serve you a complete, customized and comprehensive mobile app solutions. We are fortunate to have an adroit team of designers, developers and marketers who have put their meticulous efforts to create a multitude of industry-ready products. Appcrunk has an impressive pedigree, providing premium-grade services in Banking, Healthcare, Ride sharing, logistics just to name a few.



Almost two-thirds of the digital community owns Android phones that streamlines access to massive audience. Android operating system brought mobility in business and is getting better version by version. Having an open marketplace for app distributions, Android offers feature-rich platform and sophisticated tools to develop robust applications. In our Android mobile application development process, we undergo user-centric architecture mapping and workflow assessment. Whereas in our mobile application testing process, our QA team performs rigorous testing and makes sure the app is crash-free and ready to go live. Our interactive design methods induces better in-app management and personalized experience for your end-user.

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Apple ecosystem continuously brings sophisticated user-experiences. In our iOS app development service, we make the best use of development environment to create those unique experiences. With the help of Swift language, iOS brings a very specific suite of features spanning Apple’s product line. Our team with core specialization in iPhone and iPad app development have been serving brands with enterprise-ready apps and delivering competitive advantage. We stay informed regarding upgrades and make sure to incorporate the latest methods, tools and frameworks. Our UI/UX expert has user-friendly design approach and never fails to bring in unique in-app experience. The development and QA team works in synergy to launch a complete and bug-free application on the app store, whereas the marketing experts ensure the brand receives healthy traction.

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UI/UX Design

We take pride in our design aesthetics. It takes a few seconds to capture user’s attention. Only if users experience quick information flow and ease of handling, they wouldn’t deviate to somewhere else. While making the best use of navigation, haptic, and gesture, our mobile app design and website designing services focus on providing your audience an immersive experience. We undergo wireframing, prototyping, front end, graphics, colour selection, logo and template designing and make sure the overall theme matches the context of your brand. Our motion graphics service would help you to recreate illustrative presentation and provide visual understanding to your users. Besides visuals, we also emphasize factors such as compatibility and omnichannel such that your audiences have hassle-free interaction at every touchpoint while exploring the content.

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The introduction of single page application paved the way for higher conversion rates and lightweight website development. Originated in 2015, React became a widespread solution for interactive web development as well as native mobile apps. The innovative Javascript library helps to build reusable user-interface components which presents dynamic data. React is a versatile platform that allows the development of website and native mobile apps (iOS and Android). This not only helps to curb the page reloading issues and allow a smooth workflow but also create SEO friendly applications. We achieve fast loading data on the page with Redux library and react-router. Debugging and testing react components are very easy with the tools already there in the market.

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AngularJS is one of the widely used front end frameworks for the development of single page application. It has rich ecosystem for quick web development and provides user-interactive components. This framework incorporates AngularFire, a library that connects Angular JS to Firebase to create real-time applications like Chat apps. The framework is loaded with features such as data binding, forms validation and dependencies that allows to develop CRUD application (Create, Read, Update and Delete). Web apps created by AngularJS is generally free from bug reports that gives business a competitive advantage and help to propel business prospects.

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Node.js is a cross-platform that runs Javascript at the server end. Node.js comes with Google’s open source high-performance Javascript engine V8 and has become a global buzzword for scalable web applications. The lightweight nature of the framework helps to develop single page website with robust UI. Node.js is a one-stop solution for scalable web applications and most conventional websites are shifting towards it due to: Can be used in both back-end and front-end development, Powerful libraries reduce the development time, Real-time apps and data streaming, Operates as a proxy server to manage simultaneous requests.

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Digital marketing with its omnichannel presence has streamlined branding process by digging into the netizens. Yet many businesses fail to generate conversions due to obsolete tactics or inability to target potential audiences. At AppCrunk, our marketing team undergoes organic and paid marketing tactics and create online campaigns. Our approach is always centered to the audiences in terms of the brand purpose and never create hype as most marketers do. 

You might successfully generate enough traffic with your content, but the pain is, they end up being casual visitors. While working with us, you will receive audience analysis, channel optimization and much more to create sustainable branding solution. With our services such as Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click, Analytics, you’ll not just receive a healthy traffic, but consistent conversions too.


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You don’t want your website get buried deep into the digital space, right! At AppCrunk, we make sure that your brand exists among the cluster of information. Search Engine Optimization serves great ways to receive organic traction. But the problem is, most people never look beyond the first page of search engine. Even though you have an authentic brand idea or a killer business model, your potential audiences remain untapped due to poor SEO management. After years of research and experience, our SEO team has developed productive measures that would help you to create a touchpoint with your audiences. From on-page to off-page optimization and keyword analysis to google analytics, we have got everything covered for your business to shine. In addition, we provide ASO (App Store Optimization) that would help your app rank up and amplify your business outreach.

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App store optimization (ASO) has been somewhat overlooked of late with the growth of machine learning and AI, Google’s mobile-first index progression, and other noticeable industry changes commanding every marketer’s attention.

Whether you are new to app store optimization, or keen to refine your approach to ASO, this post will shed some practical insights which are proven to maximize app store success.

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