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By using VOXO, you can share your video, images, and talent to the public. This is not a social app but a bundle of all social apps inside one app. You can create multiple channels, can add videos by categories, can search seamlessly, can find people surrounded by you and many more.
This is a new way to expose your talent to the industry from the streets. Anyone can share his/her acting, singing, dancing or any type of art with the talent finders.
Some more features we are having:
- Explore Talent by just scrolling away
- Mix your video with sound
- Capture your talent and share with the public
- Get likes, comments, and views
- Follow people you like and explore content from them
- Search by Video, Image, Channel and Category although
- Get views and find your videos as Trending
- Show your talent even if you are a GullyBoy.
- Be entertained by others all the time with new videos.

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