Swift is a fantastic way to write software, whether it’s for phones, desktops, servers, or anything else that runs code. 



Reason you should learn Swift:

This extensive course for iOS development will help you to establish a basic understanding of the Apple development ecosystem. The surging demand of iPad devices against other tablets has encouraged the iPad application development. Also, the Apple team is trying to create some differences in app usage by bringing in new experiences on iPad and iPhone to serve device-centric purposes. Therefore, the course curriculum involves the revamped versions of tools and also the latest technologies such as SwiftUI and iPadOS. You will also learn how Swift language compares to Objective C and work around Xcode’s new playground file. The course covers Apple’s latest UI framework (SwiftUI) that helps to make the best use of in-app navigation, haptics and gesture.

Future with your skill in Swift:

At the end of this course, you will be able to understand Apple’s outstanding platform capabilities. You will be skilled enough in Swift language to develop functionally rich and user-friendly iOS applications that could visually captivate the user. You will also get to know the science and secrets behind Apple’s unique UX and design patterns. AppCrunk’s Swift programming course has a challenging, yet flexible curriculum to help you prepare you for the highly competitive development market. This opportunity will arm you with all the touch points needed to become an outstanding iOS developer. 

Career options with Swift:

iOS mobile/ iPad app developer, Apple UIKit developer, Middleware/ APIs/ Backend developer, software development in macOS/ tvOS/ watchOS, Apple game developer, iOS testing engineer.

Swift Course Curriculum:

1.  Getting Started with iOS 13 and Swift 5.1
2.  Xcode Storyboards and Interface Builder
3.  Collections, Constants & Variables
4.  Auto Layout and Responsive UIs
5.  Using and Understanding Apple Documentation
6.  Control Flow and Optionals
7.  iOS App Design Patterns and Code Structuring
8.  Classes, Inheritance 
9.  Networking, JSON Parsing, APIs and Core Location
10. Firebase Cloud Firestore, TableViews and Cocoapod Dependencies
11. SwiftUI and Declarative Programming
12. Local Data Persistance - User Defaults, Core Data and Realm
13. In-App Purchases and Apple StoreKit
14. Advanced Swift programming
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