Reason you should learn Javascript:

Javascript course offers deep understanding of frontend web development. More than 90% of the websites are powered by Javascript. Javascript is a powerful, yet easy programming language that provides the perfect platform to build robust websites and server applications. In this course, you’ll not only learn the programming language but also develop problem solving skills. You’ll get an understanding of javascript patterns, structure and debugging skills. You’ll start with HTML/ CSS in order to formulate with Javascript and further advance with conditions, functions, arrays, objects, loops, DOM manipulation, events, AJAX and much more. At the end of this course, you’ll develop strong programming skills that would help you develop interactive web applications.

Future with your skill in Javascript:

This comprehensive and complete course on Javascript will help you understand the features of this scripting language. You will earn skills to use those features to develop unique applications for websites. This course will also teach you the latest universal standards (ES6, ES7) for this language. You will start with zero knowledge in programming end up being a proficient Javascript developer. You will be assigned challenging and industry-grade projects. This will open the gates for you to earn more advanced skills in web development and land a well-paid development jobs.

Career options with Javascript:

Front End Web Developer, Web Application Developer, UX Designer, Web Designer, UI Designer, Full Stack Developer, DevOps Engineer.

Javascript Course Curriculum:

1.  JavaScript Basics
2.  JavaScript Functions
3.  Objects
4.  Arrays
5.  Javascript in the Browser
6.  Data Storage, Libraries, and More
7.  Advanced Objects and Functions
8.  Asynchronous JavaScript
9.  App Themes
10. JavaScript with Babel and Webpack
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