Java Technology

Java Technology

Reason you should learn Java:

Java is a great choice even if it is your first programming education. The language is used almost everywhere in a wide variety of devices. If you want to develop applications for Android based smartphones. Java is a big thing in the consumer market and controlling wide array of platforms such as enterprise apps, industrial robots, ATMs, medical devices, connected home devices and many more. Java is a mature language that offers an abundance of tools or Integrated Development Environment (IDEs). This has made development experience much easier for developers along with the ease of error handling and refactoring.
Future with your skill in Java:
With zero background in programming to a pro level application developer, the transformation will help you to land jobs with lucrative opportunities. At AppCrunk, the course curriculum for Java has been designed to impart logical thinking abilities. We make sure that as a complete Java developer, you would have critical problem solving skills and be able to handle practical use-cases.  
Java has been here for over 20 years and still listed among the top programming languages with high demand. Java skills in hand makes it easier to learn other programming languages.
With your skill in Java, you can drive your career in a wide range of industries such as enterprise software, Android application development, web development, Internet of Things, banking sector, e-commerce sector, trading platform, APIs, scientific researches etc. 

Career options with Java:

Application Developer, Android Developer, Back-End Developer, Big Data Developer, EJB Programmer, Embedded device programmer, Software Developer, Web Developer etc. 

Java Course Curriculum: 

1.  Expressions, Statements, Code blocks, Methods and more
2.  Control Flow Statements
3.  OOPS 1: Classes, Constructors and Inheritance
4.  OOPS 2: Composition, Encapsulation, and Polymorphism
5.  Arrays, Java inbuilt Lists, Autoboxing and Unboxing
6.  Inner and Abstract Classes & Interfaces
7.  Java Generics
8.  Naming Conventions and Packages. static and final keywords
9.  Java Collections
10. JavaFX
11. Basic Input & Output including java.util
12. Concurrency
13. Lambda Expressions
14. Regular Expressions
15. Debugging and Unit Testing
16. Databases
17. Java Networking Programming
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