C, C++

C, C++

Reason you should learn C and C++:

If you are an absolute beginner to programming, nothing can beat C/C++ language. Both languages have been in dominant position since four decades paving the way for robust use-cases. This course will develop your stepping stone of programming languages and will gradually take you to advance features. There is a reason many companies still rely on C/C++ for enterprise solutions, thus making a way for more demand. They can do many things that newer programming languages just can’t. Both C and C++ are powerful programming languages which makes them cross-platform and easy to scale. Both the language has influenced many modern languages and almost every popular language has a way to interface with C/C++ codes.

Future with your skill in C and C++:

With the power of C and C++ in your hand, you can leverage your career prospects in a wide range of fields. You will have a multitude of career opportunities, much more than you can even remember. From software to electronics, C and C++ languages will be your backbone to every other aspects you learn in the future. Moreover, having sharp skills in this language would land you in lucrative job opportunities, even better than modern programming skills.

Career options with C and C++:

Algorithm expert, Ethical hacking, Academic professional, Open source developer, Gaming industry, Database engine, APIs, AI or Machine learning, Embedded systems, Kernel developer, Desktop applications, Mobile applications, backend engineer, network engineer, programming architect, Unix shell scripting, QA engineer, Accounting and finance, bioinformatics, blockchain developer, cryptocurrency mining, space science and other hardcore scientific researches.

C and C++ Course Curriculum:

1.  Intro to C Programming
2.  Data Types and Tokens
3.  Decision making and Loops
4.  Functions and Arrays
5.  String Operations and Pointers
6.  Structures, Unions, Enum and Preprocessor
7.  Getting started with C++ 
8.  Data Types
9.  Constant, escape sequence and define
10. Operators in C++
11. If Else Statements
12. Loops, Control Statements, Functions and Arrays
13. Strings and pointers
14. Data Structures
15. Object Oriented Programming
16. Inheritance
17. Constructor and Destructor Class
18. Polymorphism
19. Advance C++
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