Web Designing

This course introduces students to basic web design using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The course does not require any prior knowledge of HTML or web design. 

Reason you should learn Web design:

The Web designing profile has always been in-demand and ahead of every development profile. This course will not only help aspiring designers, but also web developers who perceives designing as an integral part of frontend and backend development. This course will help you master the right tools and techniques to perform wireframing and designing process and create fantastic looking websites. This course will teach you to develop semantic skills using HTML/CSS and Bootstrap to create responsive and user friendly designs. You will work on a wide range of Adobe Creative Suite and learn time-saving techniques. At the end of this course, you will be able to develop visual skills and present designs that are easier for users to interact with.

Future with your skill in Web design:

This course has been designed for you to understand the basics and advanced designing methods in a very short time. This course would equally help if you have no artistic skills yet hold strong interest to learn. At AppCrunk, our experienced designers would help you to push your creativity limits and deliver responsive, engaging and sleek designs. You will work on a wide range of web template, brochures, social media, frontend and backend website design and manage their appearance and functionality across different devices. At the end of this course, you will gain hands on experience while working on our live projects and be able to deliver productive results. Web designers are always in high demand. After this course, there will be a wide range of well-paid job offers in your hand. 

Career options with Web design:

Web Designer, Wordpress theme designer, Developer and designer, Architecture & Engineering Drafter, Product Designer, Multimedia Artist, Art Director, Blogger, Content marketing

Web design Course Curriculum:

1.  HTML Essentials
2.  Adding Media to a Web Page
3.  Text Basics
4.  Semantics & Organization
5.  Forms
6.  Tables
7.  CSS Essentials
8.  CSS Typography
9.  CSS Backgrounds
10. Responsive Web Design
11. CSS3 Special Effects
12. Javascript
13. Sass
14. Cross Browser Compatibility
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