Multimedia and Animations

We provide you the real time production training in animation, VFX, Maya, Web Designing. which is relevant, practical and industry level. Our students will have the support, ideas and encouragement from experienced practioners, visiting lecturers and professionals.

Reason you should learn Multimedia and animation:

Our Multimedia and animation course offers you a fun and exciting way to shape your career in the most creative profile. If you are someone with a keen interest in multimedia or motion graphics then this course is for you. The learning experience from this course will help you add life to your artistic skills. At AppCrunk, our animation experts will help you to figure out the obstacles that block the creative process and make the most out of your artistic skills. The course will teach you to use texts, images and symbols as an effective way to convey the right message to the right audience. You will learn in-depth concepts of modelling, character animation, product design, motion graphics, 2d/3d animation and much more.

Future with your skill in Multimedia and animation:

Visual Effects has emerged as a very powerful tool for businesses to attract, educate and engage their audiences. Therefore, Multimedia and Animation offers a special place in every company. The course will help you learn important concepts behind building the graphical animations and create stunning visual effects. The animation skills will help you create brand stories to convey absorbing messages to its audiences. You will also work with Adobe After Effects and master the functionalities at your fingertips. Undoubtedly with Multimedia and Animation skills under your belt, you will have greater opportunities to work with big companies. You could even be an independent content creator which is quite trendy today and earn gigs effortlessly. 

Career options with Multimedia and animation:

Visual Effects, Motion Graphics Artist, YouTube content creator, Video Editor, 2D/ 3D animator, Content Marketing, Game developer

Multimedia and animation Course Curriculum:

1.  Adobe Aftereffects
2.  Animating Infographics
3.  Techniques for animation
4.  Preview & Playback
5.  Icon build
6.  Color & Backgrounds
7.  Data Visualization
8.  Masking
9.  Video infographics
10. Exporting
11. 2D and 3D animation
12. Motion path and speed control
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