Reason you should learn HTML/ CSS:

HTML/ CSS course builds the stepping stone to your web development career. If you’re completely new to programming, this course is exclusively for you. HTML is the skeleton of all the webpages and you can’t imagine the existence of websites without it. It helps to set up the development environment and organize contents via elements and tags. Whereas in CSS, you will learn styling the website with the help of syntax, selectors and units. CSS works along with HTML to deliver colourful, animated and responsive design to the webpage. You will also get to know Bootstrap and JQuery that will help you with front end design and numerous customizable features. 

Future with your skill in HTML/ CSS:

This is a starter course for your Web development/ design learning journey. HTML/ CSS has the simplest course curriculum among all and is very easy to implement. However, the skills are undeniably powerful that would help you get started with your IT career. The course contains a number of mock-ups, much similar to the enterprise-level projects that will teach you the skills in designing, programming, organising clean codes, web optimization and much more. Besides HTML/ CSS, this course will help you to earn both designing and development skills with Bootstrap, Sass and JQuery. 

Career options with HTML/ CSS:

Web designer, Web developer, Theme/ Template designer, Architecture & Engineering Drafter, Product Designer, Multimedia Artist, Content Marketing

HTML/ CSS Course Curriculum:

1.  HTML Essentials
2.  Adding Media to a Web Page
3.  Semantics & Organization
4.  Forms and tables
5.  CSS Essentials
6.  CSS Typography
7.  CSS Backgrounds
8.  Responsive Web Design
9.  CSS3 Special Effects
10.  Sass
11. Bootstrap
12. JQuery
13. Cross Browser Compatibility
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