Core PHP + Advance PHP

Core PHP + Advance PHP

Reason you should learn Core PHP + Advanced PHP:

This integrated course will take you deep into the backend development process. The course curriculum is designed to suit even the absolute beginners and drive them to the pro level. You will start with HTML/ CSS and pick up the pace with PHP and database (SQL). The course will help you with the backend development concepts to work on projects such as eCommerce, CMS, Directory apps etc. You will also learn debugging, runtime error handling, database access and more advanced methods. The course also covers the implementation of powerful frameworks such as Laravel and Codeigniter that would take your backend development skills to the next level. 

Future with your skill in Core PHP + Advanced PHP:

Web development using PHP has been a dominant practice since over a decade. Even though web development market is flooding with newer frameworks, PHP is still the most preferred tool by businesses and e commerce. As an aspiring web developer, you will get started with the basics of Core PHP with no mandatory prior programming knowledge. The course will be comprehensive that would cover everything you need to land a well-paid development job. With the advanced course, you will add an extra layer to your skills with knowledge in the working of websites such as Facebook, Twitter, E commerce sites, to name a few. This will help you in lucrative job opportunities with your abilities to work on complex web development projects.

Career options with Core PHP + Advanced PHP:

Web developer, Wordpress developer, E-commerce development, Database management, Backend engineer, Website testing engineer. 

Core PHP + Advanced PHP Course Curriculum:

1.   Core PHP concepts
2.   Functions 
3.   Date and Time
4.   Debugging  
5.   Logging
6.   Strings 
7.   REGEX 
8.   Runtime Error Handling and File Resources
9.   Database Access 
10. Design Patterns 
11. Mail Function 
12. PEAR and cURL
13. Web Services
14. Introspection and Reflection
15. PHP Frameworks
16. Laravel
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