Core PHP

Core PHP

Reason you should learn Core PHP:

PHP is one of the earliest web-scripting languages. It’s dynamic feature is helping millions of websites to make their pages more interactive. In this introductory course, you will learn the basics of backend web development, create dynamically generated content and customized user experiences. You will implement concepts of procedural PHP, Object oriented PHP, Content management systems (Wordpress) and MySQLi. After the end of this course, you will be able to create a server on your system and connect database content to your website. The everlasting dependency of PHP makes it a must have skill for the web developers. 

Future with your skill in Core PHP:

With Core PHP as one of your skills, you will have ample opportunities for a kickstarter job or to gain advanced skills. Core PHP powers millions of websites and has been dominant in the web industry. Fundamental skills such as Procedural Php, OOPS concept, MySQL and Wordpress or other CMS will help you understand the working of most of the business websites. At the end of the course, you will be qualified to get a web developer job profile and earn good money. 

Career options with Core PHP:

Web developer, Wordpress developer, E-commerce development, Database management, Backend engineer, Website testing engineer. 

Core PHP Course Curriculum:

1.  Data Types
2.  Control Structures
3.  PHP Built-in Functions
4.  Databases in PHP
5.  PHP Security
6.  Object Oriented PHP Introduction
7.  Working with files
8.  CMS Project and Front End 
9.  Pagination
10. Password Encrypting and Login System
11. Comment system count and diplay
12. Sending Emails
13. Bootstrap 
14. No posts or category message feature
15. Registration system
16. Adding Prepare statements to our application for security
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