Core Java + J2EE

Core Java + J2EE

Reason you should learn Core Java + J2EE:

The integrated Java course offers the most extensive and immersive programming course among all. This course is geared towards beginners with moderate to no prior Java experience. The course begins with the fundamentals of Core Java including collections, multi-threading, Lambda, GIT and debugging. At intermediate level, you will learn how to build apps using JSP, Servlets and Hibernate. Lastly, you will cover advanced topics such as Spring framework, Restful web services and Spring boot. The course is packed with everything you want to learn about J2EE and end up as a Full Stack Java developer.

Future with your skill in Core Java J2EE:

This integrated course offers a painless way of learning enterprise level Java programming. This course will lead you to successfully develop applications and work on logical concepts. After mastering Core Java, you will be trained with JSP, servlets, XML tools, JSON, web servers(apache tomcat). Further, you will learn more advanced topics such as spring, struts and hibernate. You will also work closely with UI frameworks and build MVC-based apps. At the end of this course, you will be enterprise-ready with ample of job opportunities such as Android application development, Web development, Internet of Things, banking sector, e-commerce sector, trading platform, APIs, scientific researches etc. 

Career options with Core Java + J2EE:

J2EE developer, Interactive developer, Big data developer, R&D, Java Certified teacher

Core Java + J2EE Course Curriculum:

1. Java introductory course
2. Servlets and JSP
3. Java Server Pages
4. Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
5. Java Persistence API (JPA) and relational databases
6. REST Web Services 
7. Maven essentials for Java EE development
8. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)
9. Network Programming
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