Core Java

Core Java

Reason you should learn Core Java:

With Core Java, you will learn to develop applications that can seamlessly run across diverse platforms. It’s unique architecture and open source nature help the developers an ease of creating reliable codes. The main objective of the course is to teach object oriented programming concepts along with Array, Loops, Collections, Threads, Servlets and many real-time use cases. You will learn the fundamentals of Core Java and its scope for further advanced courses such as Advanced Java (J2EE), Android and Hadoop. This course is a great kickstarter for those who want to be a professional software developer, or preparing for college projects. Also, this introductory course will help aspiring QA testing engineers to learn Core Java in depth.

Future with your skill in Core Java:

At AppCrunk, the course curriculum for Core Java has been designed to impart logical thinking abilities. At the end of this course, you would have critical problem solving skills and be able to handle practical use-cases. Java has been here for over 20 years and still listed among the top programming languages with high demand. Java skills in hand makes it easier to learn other programming languages. With your skills in Core Java, you can drive your career in a wide range of industries such as enterprise software, Android application development, web development, Internet of Things, banking sector, e-commerce sector, trading platform, APIs, scientific researches etc. 

Career options with Core Java:

Application Developer, Android Developer, Back-End Developer, Big Data Developer, EJB Programmer, QA & Testing engineer, Embedded device programmer, Software Developer, Web Developer etc. 

Core Java Course Curriculum: 

1.  JDK and IDE set up
2.  Basic Object Oriented Programming concepts
3.  First java program and its building blocks
4.  Static and Non Static Contexts
5.  Conditional statements,loops
6.  Packages 
7.  Inheritance,abstraction, polymorphism and encapsulation
8.  Interfaces, importance and uses
9.  Abstract classes and interfaces 
10. Multithreaded applications.
11. Exception handling
12. I/O Streams API
13. Java Collection Classes
14. Java 8 features - lambdas,functional interfaces,predicates etc
15. Internals of the Java Virtual Machine
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