Automation + Manual Testing

Automation + Manual Testing

Reason you should learn Automation and Manual testing:

The integrated course in Automation and Manual testing involves everything you need to become an accomplished testing engineer. This course expects absolute beginners who want to excel their career in QA testing. The course will teach you the fundamentals of software development, testing lifecycle, bug lifecycle, test cases and test data. You will get to know about quality assurance, quality control, risk and configuration management. You will learn to identify bugs, track and manage their reportings. At the end of this course, you will be adept in functional testing tool, performance testing tool and test management tool.

Future with your skill in Automation and Manual testing:

Software testing engineers have different recognition than the developers, but they’re equally valued by the companies. In this integrated course, you’ll be trained to have an eagle eye, whereas developers generally don’t possess such skills. You will learn about complete testing methods across different platforms and devices right from the beginning of the development lifecycle. At the end of this course, you’ll be ready to undertake projects under development. You will work shoulder to shoulder with the development team and help them in detecting bugs, inefficiencies and failures that crop up when users navigate through the apps. Your skills in both manual and automation testing will help you achieve multiple job opportunities and earn a lucrative career as a Fullstack testing engineer.

Career options with Automation and Manual testing:

Software testing engineer, Quality assurance engineer, Software tester, QA tester, Software engineer, QA analyst

Automation and Manual testing Course Curriculum:

1.  Software Testing introduction
2.  Agile Scrum
3.  Agile Kanban
4.  SDLC
5.  Water fall model
6.  Designing Testcases
7.  Test plan
8.  Testing types and their usage
9.  Real time project demonstration on Jira tool
10. Bugzilla
11. Defect Life cycle
12. Test Plan Design
13. Scrum Master skills
14. SQL
15. Test and Behavioral Driven development
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