Another name of world's best platform for mobile applications is Android. It is a software package that has operating system, middleware and key applications. For Java based Android applications Software Development Kit (SDK) provides tools and APIs.

Reason you should learn Android:

About two-thirds of the digital community use Android phones that streamlines access to massive audience. Android operating system brought mobility in business and is getting better version by version. Having an open marketplace for app distributions, Android offers feature-rich platform and sophisticated tools to develop robust applications. Android’s versatility and flexibility with hardware and carrier helps developers to create standard apps in wide range of compatible devices. Android is ruling the digital market and thus opened the gates for multiple job opportunities in the long run. 

Future with your skill in Android :

This complete course in Android development will help you discover the power of a robust operating system. This course is equally helpful for beginners as well as students with hands on experience in Core Java. With the frequent upgradation of Android OS, we make sure our course curriculum and training practices match the latest industry standards. This will help you to arm with the necessary skills and make you stand out among other developers still using obsolete tools and versions of Android. 

Career options with Android:

Android mobile developer, Android interface developer, Mobile embedded software engineer, Android game developer etc.

Android Course Curriculum:

1.  Basic Java skills
2.  Introduction to Android
3.  Application Components Activities
4.  Handling User Interaction Events
5.  SQL Lite
6.  GEO coding and Location Based Services
7.  Web Services with Architecture
8.  JSON and Firebase
9.  Google Cloud Messaging
10. Debugging and testing Android Apps
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