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AppCrunk Technologies is driven by the inspirational stories of brands. So far, we have worked with over 120 global SMEs and startups while extending our business outreach in 16+ countries.

From Android application development to iOS application development or mobile app design to mobile app marketing, AppCrunk has paved their ways to achieve brand recognition.


But what actually defines us is our workflow during mobile application development lifecycle.


We are the cultivators

We brainstorm the ideas and create the roadmap with your brand purpose in mind. We add life to your landing page and mobile app and make them engaging. We incorporate every resources and keep you informed throughout the project lifecycle so that you can have the personalized end-products.

We are the nurturers

Bug fixing, crash reports and app/ web optimization are our daily deals. Generally, recovering such pitfalls takes huge chunk of time. But our years of experience ensure that these inefficiencies don’t hinder the workflow. We have mastered pragmatic problem solving approach that allows us to speculate and manage such pitfalls quickly.

We are the reapers

‘Product is ready’ doesn’t simply mean that it is market-ready. With the perspective of the audience, we aim to deliver solutions that can increase engagement, generate healthy ROI and maximize conversions. Most of the digital marketing community lives by the saying, “Let’s throw against the wall and see if it sticks.” But with targeted approach, AppCrunk team knows to declutter this mess. Our mobile app marketing tactics are driven by purpose that eases the influx of organic traffic as well as retention.

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